Born and raised in reno, nevada

I lived in Hawaii (for a very short 3 months) and Alaska too but I always knew I'd come back home. This place has my heart, for sure! I met my hubs, Shane, 8 years ago online which definitely doesn't seem that weird anymore, right? Now here we are! Raising our 3 babies, loving Jesus and just doing life! I can't start my mornings without coffee and I wish that weren't true but ya know, mom life! You'll find me dancing in my car, in the kitchen, maybe even in a club (like once a year) but not the shower because that's actually how I got the scar on my chin. That's a different story though HA! I love all things bread and will totally eat a whole sourdough loaf to myself. OH and green tea ice cream is 100% the best!    



My fam

my favorite things

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Ok, obviously my family and traveling are a part of my favorite things! Umm... how could they not be! My newest journey though, becoming a surrogate, has definitely hit the top of my list too! God put it on my heart after I had my first daughter and it never left even after 2 more kids. The desire was actually stronger! I am so fortunate to be able to continue this path and I pray every night over this sweet little surro babe and it's amazingly sweet and hilariously awesome parents!
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